4 Pole 3 Position Rotary Switch $2.99ea
DPDT Center Off American Made Toggle switch $3.50 ea
SPST 3A 250V toggle switch at .79ea $75.00/100
Lighted Vandal Switch Blue Ting DPST 115Vac 5A $12.95 ea
DPDT 15A at $2.00ea
SPST 20 A 115Vac $1.50 each

10 Amp flush mounted DPDT Rocker switch


3PDT Pedal switch $2.75

Lighted Push on-Push off Wedge based lamp Switchcraft PL 11


Lighted SPDT Momentary Push button switch Switchcraft PL 11


Takes a T 1 3/4 Wedge base lamp

Switch Guard -
Fits standard size toggle switches $1.79ea

available in Green, Blue and Yellow...




SPST 6A - 115Vac 3A 250Vac toggle switch $1.00

Assorted Toggle Switches

In Stock $1.00 to $4.00